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We understand the importance of your privacy, security, and we try our best to protect your data as well as information provided by you. We also try our best to offer complete protection across all of our operations. In addition to this, we also do our best to deliver strict, regular policies and procedures.

In this policy section of our website we strive to make you understand about the ways we collect and then use your information for further proceedings. The information that we collect includes activities, use of devices, and other data given to us for the purpose of purchasing our products and getting customer support.

This privacy policy doesn’t apply to third-party services, websites, applications and items that may be accessed via different links we have given on our website. We don’t advertise, support, or control any representations about any other websites you visit. Also, we don’t have any kind of control over their privacy practices as they may be different from the one mentioned here on this website.

Privacy Principles

Being a reliable website, we are committed to the following principles that are based on worldwide popular frameworks as well as principles of data and privacy protection:

Transparency, Lawfulness, and Equality

We use and process the personal data of the users as per the specified laws. We also maintain complete transparency as well as fairness with our customers who share their information with us. All our data processing activities take place with the consent of our customers and in accordance with the laws specified by the government.

Notice and preference of data use

To provide transparency to our customers, we give them a clear notice and complete freedom to know about the kind of data we collect and for what purpose it is being collected.

Data Access

WWe give our customers ability to check, edit, correct or delete the personal data you provide us during purchase or while availing our support services.

Data Security

In order to protect unauthorized access to our customer’s data, we use strong information security software in all our observations. All our products and support services go through strict and advanced data security protection platforms before they are provided to the customers.

Data Integration

We do not use the personal data of the customers for any other purpose as mentioned at the time of its collection. We take complete responsibility for ensuring that your data is safe with us.

How do we use Data?

We only make use of your personal data to manage as well as maintain your relationship with our website and to serve you better in future. By using your personal information, we review the following:

  • Customer Experience
  • Transaction Support
  • Support for products
  • Admin communications
  • Data security
  • Research and Innovation
  • Compliance with law

Children’s Privacy

We do not intentionally collect information from the children as specified by the local government laws.

How we maintain the security of your data?

We use physical, technical, and administrative measures in order to prevent the misuse or unauthorized access to your data. This helps in safeguarding the information you provide while availing our support services.

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